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Overland Park Will Become The New Home Of One Of Kansas City’s Technology Companies

It has been announced that the headquarters of technology company NIC Inc., which is now a subsidiary of Tyler Technologies Inc. in Texas, will be moving from Olathe to Overland Park in the near future.

An agreement has been reached for a complete buildout at 7701 College Blvd. in the Executive Hills office park, which will be occupied for a period of 12 years by the digital government service provider, which was previously located at 25501 West Valley Parkway.

“We looked into continuing at our existing location, but it didn’t have enough amenities to serve as a focal point for our personnel,” said NIC COO Elizabeth Thomas.

The Kansas City metro area has always seemed like a little bit of an outsider to us, and we’ve been very committed to the area since our founding in Kansas, so we decided that this was the best area to expand into.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIC) aims to relocate to Overland Park by the end of May or beginning of June. The company presently employs 295 employees and plans to hire an additional 30-50 people to work as developers, architects, cloud engineers, and in other corporate positions in the future.

It is possible that the NIC may build an addition to accommodate any future growth. According to Thomas, Executive Hills Inc., based in Overland Park, will be in charge of NIC’s internal buildout, which would cost several million dollars. A refurbishment of the facility is planned by NIC, with Thomas estimating that it will cost more than $5 million in total for improvements alone.

It is expected that the structure, which will contain collaborative workspaces for face-to-face collaboration, will accommodate more than 300 local employees. It is her contention that the setting is suitable for hybrid work.

According to Thomas, “we have to realize that requiring individuals to report to work will not be popular or successful.” “We have to offer them a reason to come to work, and that’s exactly what we’re striving to do with this new facility,” says the company’s president.

Tyler completed its acquisition of NIC in April 2021 for an estimated $2.3 billion. In addition to clients in all 50 states, Tyler has clients in Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and a number of other countries. Tyler is situated in Plano, Texas.

A total of 48 technology-related enterprises were sold in Kansas City last year, with NIC being one of them. There are websites for basic company registrations, as well as online platforms for services such as driver’s license and professional license applications and renewals, among others. Among the earliest organizations to aid governments with online credit card payments and mobile applications was this one, which was founded in 1998.

Tyler recently acquired US eDirect, a well-known provider of digital solutions for campground and outdoor recreation administration. EDirect and NIC are both under the control of the same division.

The building owner was represented by JLL Executive Vice President Ryan Schneider, who served as the transaction’s primary broker. In addition to restoring the interior of the facility, Helix Architecture + Design, based in Kansas City, will create an outdoor work/play area.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIC) also plans to put electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot.

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